As we continue to grow and improve our website, we will set up a better purchasing system.  For now, if you live in Fort Smith, it is super simple:

Complete your purchase, using PayPal, and we will deliver to your doorstep. 

If, however, you'd like the coffee shipped, you will receive a separate request for billing cost.  We always use the least expensive means. 

*ALSO, please add a note in your PayPal transaction if you would like the coffee beans ground!  Thank you!

Mexico Mariachi

Lightly citrus, chocolate-like sweetness and low acidity cup.

$12 - 2/3 lb

Costa Rica

Smooth balance of light and dark tones. Clean, crisp chocolatey coffee.

$12 - 2/3 lb

Organic Peru

Sweet, with nutmeg/allspice notes. Unique, mellow coffee.

$12 - 2/3 lb

Coffee Origins

Medium-dark roast, smooth, full bodied, semi-sweet undertones.

$12 - 2/3 lb

Ethiopia Guji

Natural processed. Berry undertones, medium body, smooth.

$12 - 2/3 lb