About Us


Sip. Gather. Connect. Create.


We are a coffee company, located in
Fort Smith, AR. Our dream was birthed over a decade ago, but we started grassroots, by roasting coffee beans and selling in local venues. We opened the doors to our first brick and mortar, in May 2017. We roast all of our coffee on-site, employ skilled baristas and do pretty much everything from scratch - from our house made syrups, to our fresh assortment of pastries. We create space for connection, community and relationships to thrive. We believe a lot can happen, over a good cup of coffee!



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Gabe and Kaity Gould are the co-owners and operators of Fort Smith Coffee Co. Gabe is a Fort Smith native and Navy veteran. Kaity was born and raised in San Luis Obispo, CA. Together, they balance the business and the raising of their four children - Jack, Benjamin, Rebekah and Anabelle. Coffee Co. is truly “mom and pop”, so you will often see them in the shop with their team.


About our coffee


  • We use only Specialty Grade Arabica coffee beans, which are grown mostly in higher altitudes. The coffee plants are evergreen shrubs, that produce small, dark red 'cherries.'

  • The ripe cherries are either harvested by hand, or collected by a harvesting machine. The cherry then has the pulp removed, leaving the seed or bean, which is then dried. While all green coffee is processed, the method used varies.

  • We buy green coffee beans and roast them to perfection, in our commercial fluid-bed air roaster.  We track each roast on ADR (Advanced Definition Roasting) Technology.  This allows us to develop consistent, medium roast profiles.

  • We package all of our freshly-roasted beans in lined natural kraft stand-up pouches, that have a one-way degassing valve.  These specialty bags allow gases to release from the coffee, without allowing any environmental factors inside.

  • We only serve coffee that we roasted ourselves.